We need to be proud of who we are, and comfortable in our own skin as women of colour.

“Let’s Challenge toxic social norms that infringe the rights and values of women.” — Nukwase Tembo Yosa

ZAMBIAN female artist Nukwase Tembo Yosa, on Thursday evening hosted a solo art exhibition themed “The Gate Keepers of Morality”, at the ALN Building in Longacres with support from Musa Dudhia and Co., dedicating it to all women of colour.

Nukwase who is no stranger to the arts, was also part of the prestigious African Inspirations Art Exhibition, which run for nine (9) days showing body works from 24 other local artists, at the Lusaka Golf Club early November.

Nukwase Tembo Yosa explains her piece Dead Aid to guests at the one night only art exhibition themed ‘The Gate Keepers of Morality’

Practicing professionally since 2014, the artist explores and challenges toxic society norms that infringe upon the rights and values of women.

“I did this exhibition today, more especially for the women of colour, because our voices are silenced by the society which we live in. We are expected to take whatever is given to us even at the detriment of our own sanity.” Mrs Yosa said.

She said her show was meant to give a much needed voice to the voiceless and also start a much needed conversation that many like to shy away from.

The artist also shared that her exhibition was not only thought provoking, but entertaining as well, hence the performance by ‘Roots Astray’ who gave an interpretive dance inspired by the theme of the exhibition.

“This is my first solo exhibition and it addresses a number of pertinent issues including the unrealistic standards that African women are expected to live up, all in the name of upholding culture and tradition. It’s basically a call on open-minded people that want to break free from a patriarchal and sometimes colonial system which affects ALL of us. Men and women alike”, adding it was through her work that she tries to change people’s perceptions about our society.

Art lovers engrossed in a piece of painting at the one night only art exhibition themed ‘The Gate Keepers of Morality’

She noted that she was happy that companies like legal firm Musa Dudhia and Co., were instrumental in their support and sponsorship of the arts, as well as Rooneys, who provided cocktail furniture, on the night, further stressing such input provided an opportunity for the arts to go beyond borders.

Meanwhile guests at the exhibition where quick to place artwork on hold with three pieces being set aside as sold within the first hour of the exhibition.

A nominee in two of the 2019 Ngoma Awards namely ‘the Gabriel Ellison Award for Most Outstanding Female Visual Artist’ and Julia Mulenga Award for the Most Outstanding Two-Dimensional Artwork’ it is without a doubt, that Mrs. Yosa’s works have set the bar competitively high.

The ‘invitation only’ event, was successfully attended by members of the public, several notable lawyers and judges, as well as, artists and members of the National Arts Council and it’s affiliate organisations that also included past and present members of the Henry Tayali — Visual Arts Center. Singer and performer Taehr Nanavat was also in the building playing soul and afro funk cover songs, which gave the event a vibrant touch and conversation starter, with complimentary snacks were served.

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