Everyday Lusaka makes a sale in the ‘Outside In’ Exhibition

Alexis Phiri with Sana Ginwalla at the Art Exhibition Launch

Opening Thursday 30th September, “Outside In” brings together a collection of local photographers and artists, namely Visule Kabunda, Kalenga Nkonge, Steve Moorey, Sana Ginwalla, and patrons from Everyday Lusaka.

While the exhibition is photographic, Sana Ginwalla has curated it to include photographs of different eras, formats and adaptations. The photography displayed brings both old and modern to one place, complete with a vintage slide projector as part of Everyday Lusaka’s archival project called Zambia Belonging.

Art Enthusiasts at the “Outside In” Art Exhibition at the TotalEnergies Art Gallery

“The intention for this exhibition was to show what is possible within a space like this — for all types of artists, whether you are a photographer, painter or printmaker. The idea is to show what can be done in this gallery. We have also incorporated projection, sound, as well as smaller products on the table to show what can be done with photography, as well as what can happen after the image”, Sana Ginwalla, shared.

Photography In Art, at the Outside In Art Exhibition at TotalEnergies Art Gallery, in Lusaka

The art exhibition, which runs till the 7th of November, has numerous images being displayed as part of the exhibition.




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